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“Miami might not be the first place you think of when discussing singer-songwriters, but American Darling Valve is about to put it on the map. "Another Year or Two" plays along the border between jazz and folk." -Adobe and Teardrops

“beauty:broken is a hugely impressive, and mature, debut, recalling the far more established ilk of Alela Diane or Laura Veirs. This accomplished and ambitious beginning can only bode well for wherever American Darling Valve’s music is going next.” - For The Rabbits

About us

Way back in 2016 a violinist studying classical music fell in love with songwriting.  But when faced with her limitations executing her newfound dream she recruited a few friends from the classical and jazz programs at her music school.  When the demands of performance degrees, freelancing and the metro-city grind pulled the five piece ensemble apart, two musicians remained standing...

As American Darling Valve, violinist Ariele Macadangdang and guitarist Bryan Dubrow play songs together guided by their backgrounds with chamber music, jazz, rock, and folk music.  Their overly serious songs are a result of not taking themselves too seriously, and playing sad songs makes them happy.  To date they have played songs for people in Kalamazoo, Mi; Washington, D.C.; Duluth, GA: and in venues all over Florida.  They self-released an eponymous EP in 2017, and released a series of six singles during 2018.  



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